Who I am?

I’m before anything else a reader. Books always brought me peace and understanding. Then, maybe as a consequence, I‘m a writer. Writing always makes sense to me. It’s my escape and my journey home.

I’m also a traveler. I was born in Brazil to cross the ocean when I was eighteen. I found myself in Luxembourg, a tiny, tiny country. Now I am in Brussels, following my path and writing.

I used to tell myself I would be a scientist. Nature is fascinating, but words speak very loud in my life. Once I studied Biology, today I am studying Communications at ISFSC (though I still think Planet Earth is the best thing on television).  

❝When I am inside writing all I can think about is how I should be outside living. When I am outside living all I can do is notice all there is to write about.❞

Sarah Kay

To study Communications in a foreign language is not an easy task, but I’m getting better in French each day. I can’t wait to learn even more, to tell more stories, and to work on projects that takes education and information seriously (we are in need, aren’t we?).


🇧🇷 Portuguese speaker? Conheça meu projeto Manhãs Curadoria